Five Great Websites for Dads

There aren’t many resources on the web for dads–other than this site, of course!  Here’s a quick list of some of my favorites.  Some I found before starting this blog, some after.  All are full of useful information about fatherhood.  Let’s be honest, fatherhood has been marginalized by society; at first it was seen as the position of authoritarian and provider.  Now it is seen as bumbling mommy want-to-be.  If we’re going to transcend these negative stereotypes–and all stereotypes contain at least a kernel of truth–we’re going to need all the help we can get!

Mr. Dad

This is an awesome site by noted fatherhood author Armin Brott.  His books and blog are a great place to start if you’re planning to become a dad and are a useful resource as your role grows and changes with you family.  I’ll also admit that his work has inspired my own reflections and writing on fatherhood.  It should be your first stop when searching the web for fatherhood info.

The National Fatherhood Initiative

This site hosts a ton of useful material for dads of all stripes.  Their mission is to “to improve the well-being of children by increasing the proportion of children growing up with involved, responsible, and committed fathers. We strive to ensure a brighter future for America’s youth.  By equipping and educating fathers, we’re working on an issue that is at the core of our nation’s well-being.”  Starting with an effort to reduce absentee fathers and following up with fully committed dads, I’d say they’re doing a great job!

Practical Dad

This blog is “a website dedicated to the idea that fathers are as capable of being equal partners in the family’s life as women can be equal partners in the workforce. PracticalDad is written for these fathers.”  I’d say it shares a lot of the same goals as the nice little site you’re reading now!  While we focus a little more of self improvement and serving as role models, PracticalDad focuses a little more on supporting the family.  Excellent stuff on this site!

Dad Matters

This blog is a section of the Focus on the Family website.  It’s serves as a  community of dads who swap observations and share advice.  There are many different contributors with valuable viewpoints.  Take some time to brows through all the great content!

Fatherhood Is

This site is intensely personal and beautifully written.  If you’re not a dad yet, it will give you a good perspective on what some of the best moments are like.  If you’re a dad already, you’ll want to share the good vibes with your family.  Read the posts for insight and laughter.  Tweets like this will crack you up as well:

Found my daughter disrobed in her crib this morning with a smile on her face. There’s a ban on all poles at my house. Effective immediately.

It hasn’t been updated in a while, but check out today!

Bonus Site — Captain Dad!

This is a fun blog kept by cartoonist and blogger Pat Byrnes.  He writes about stay-at-home-dads, the trials and tribulations of parenting, and societal issues regarding modern families.  There’s a lot of insight in his writing, and the comics definitely add to the experience while helping to tie everything together.  This is a must-visit blog for all parents–not just dads.

PS – Pat, I think I deleted a comment of yours caught by my spam filter.  Either that or someone’s spamming from your e-mail account.  Just a head’s up!

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  1. Whether you’re expecting your first child or your kids are grown and on their own, being a dad is a new experience. When my wife was pregnant, we decided to have a homebirth. We hired a doula and two midwives. I won’t tell you how much it cost. According to them and other experts, labor was going to last 10-12 hours. My son had other plans. My wife’s labor was so short that the only other person in the room when he was born was – guess who? – me. After nine months of preparing to support my wife in the birth of my first child, there I was, with no medical training, serving as midwife, doula, and doctor. I fought off the strong desire to run out of the room as fast as possible. When I caught Joaquin, I experienced pure exhilaration and love. ‘..

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