Jacked Dad WOW 6.19.13

I’ve been reading a lot about how strength aids cardiovascular performance lately.  Here’s an excellent article featuring pro trainer Martin Rooney.  He explains that constant cardio and circuit training (my favorite workouts!) are not the best way for athletes to train (shucks!).  Instead, he recommends training like “an athlete”, with exercises like “squats, deadlifts, bench presses, power cleans; the basics, combined with some sprinting and some stretching. It may not be glamorous, but it makes you stronger and faster.”

If you’ve been keeping up with my workout posts, you’ll see that I’ve been focusing a lot more on strength lately in hopes that it will help my all-around performance.  I decided to put it to the test with the workout.

100 kettlbell (24kg) snatches for time — goal is to finish within ten minutes

I didn’t have a kettlebell that heavy, so I used a 50lb dumbbell.  I banged out the first 50 in about 3:00.  Then I gassed–hard.  I ended up finishing the 100 reps in 7:35.

Not bad.  Not great.  If I paced myself, I probably would have beaten that time pretty easily. It was my first workout like this though, and I’ll try it again soon to see if I improve.  As is, I recovered pretty quickly, and I wasn’t sore like I thought I’d be over the next few days.

Thanks StrongLifts!

I have to say I couldn’t have completed this challenge so quickly without all the squats and deadlifts I’ve been doing.  Here’s a demo of the style of snatch I did; I didn’t let the dumbbell rest, but I did let it hang.

For the record, Steve Cotter is the man.  Check out these leaping one-legged pistol squats!  Can’t get that type of explosiveness from cardio!

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